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I’ve had lung crud going on ever since driving back on Monday night. I don’t really want to blame Nick, but for God’s sake Nick. I’d better get better before you.

I haven’t really been hanging low this past week though. Been catching up on a bunch of stuff and riding about normal. It’s been pretty hot, in the 90’s and super humid. Great weight lose climate. I don’t seem to be getting any worse. I’ve been sleeping badly because being super stuffed up at night and in the morning.

This afternoon I’m going to race a criterium in downtown Wichita, Kansas. It’s only supposed to be close to 100 degrees with 20 mile an hour winds. Perfect criterium racing weather.

My brother is racing a 200 mile gravel road epic called the Dirty Kanza. It started this morning at 6 am and the winning time is around 12 hours. It is picking up steam, with riders coming from throughout the country. It is going to be a death march. Unbelievably hot death march.

Okay, I’m going for a couple hours this morning to get loosened up for the race this afternoon. That way I don’t have to over heat trying to warm up before the race. I’m not positive that this is the best thing for me right now, but you never know until after and then it’s too late.

Dirty Kanza number plate.

Steering column on the new carbon Trek fork they sent. A much different weave.

2010 carbon steering column.

6 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Ted Lewandowski

    Looks like Trek is doing their product development on their customers – rather than at the factory.

  2. JimW

    If you don’t have a torque wrench I suggest the Ritchey Torque Key. Designed for stems and is small as well as inexpensive. Then you will have no doubts after install.
    You will be able to squarely blame the manufacturer and use some of Ted’s ruthless(and sometimes necessary) battle the corporate monster legal tactics if it comes to that. ; – )

  3. Ken

    Try this for stuffiness, especially if you don’t want to take any OTC meds. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey in 1/2 cup of warm/hot water. It clears you up for an hour or two. Also, I’ve become convinced that ginger tea works on shortening the duration of a cold (try Twinings Ginger-Lemon tea, but whichever you get make sure it really has Ginger Root). I wouldn’t have tried these except I had maybe 10 days from November through March when I wasn’t sick and have stayed healthy despite the kids bringing home even more crud since starting on this protocol. I still take cinnamon once or twice daily. Got these from a real Chinese woman–they must be ancient secrets.

  4. VC Slim

    Heard that a big storm rolled thru in the middle of DK. Was your bro able to finish?


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