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I know some of you click through my blog to get to Alexi’s. He doesn’t write that often, but when he does, it is very good reading. You can just click on the column to the right to get there whenever you’re here. Below is his lastest post. I thought I’d just clip it and paste it here to make sure you read it. Sneaky me.

6 thoughts on “Alexi’s Blog

  1. dirty_juheesus!

    USAC needs a nice, big poster of his gapped tooth, drug ravaged face as the poster child of USACDF.

    Alexi’s cool with his kid getting doped? (2015 freaky medical side effects dope, not ephedrine)

    We already know Alexi is perfectly okay cheating and lying given his own doping past. It seems Alexi is cool with sodomizing a plethora of substance control rules too.

    Yup, classy guy through and through. Just what the rest of the world needs.

  2. Ted Lewandowski

    First of all Steve – I read your blog – so I prefer not to be force-fed someone else’s ramblings – Am I missing something? or does that read like he was smoking dope when he wrote it?

  3. tilford97 Post author

    Yeh-Alexi is out there. And his background and future are cloudy. But, he does write pretty though provoking stuff every once in a while.

  4. Rod Lake

    Me–I’ll take best cycling bloggers for $800, Alex.
    Alex: Name the best cycling blogger.
    Me: Um, who is Steve Tilford?
    Alex: Correct you remain in control of the board.
    Me: I’ll take cycling bloggers for $1200.
    Alex: Answer is… the Daily Double! Better racer, Tilford or Grewal? (hum Jeopardy music to yourself)
    Me: Puleeeze, Alex. Who is Tilford?
    Alex: Correct. You win.
    Me: Thank you

  5. Ted Lewandowski

    Grewal is the equivalent of a one hit wonder – nice comment Rod Lake – very good stuff 🙂


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