Shear Joy

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I am behind, trying to pack up and head up to race at Burlington, Iowa this weekend. So I thought that I’d just post this photo of Jack Thomas, the son of Jay Thomas, czar of Trek Stores Midwest. Jack is on a new bike and is showing the excitement that invokes. (Jack put in over 20 miles that day, plus racing.) The policeman seems to be having a pretty great time too. Hopefully everyone one of us has one of these moments this Memorial Day Weekend.

4 thoughts on “Shear Joy

  1. Ben Tarwater

    What a great pic. I tell you, I raced bmx briefly as an early teen. Raced Mountain Bikes somewhat competitively in my 20’s and nothing gave me more joy than to watch my son race and do extremely well on the BMX bike, He just turned 8 and I look forward to him moving up to a mountain bike so we can do longer rides together. Best sport there is and an even better activity for the family

  2. Kim S Carveth

    Great pic…that’s what it’s all about! Nice to see you and your team racing in Lincoln!


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