Rock Island Criterium – Crash

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Since I’m heading to Iowa for the Memorial Day Races, I thought I’d get the crashing out of the way. So here’s a video of a previous crash, 2003 in Rock Island that Keith Walberg shot. Robbie Ventura, 2nd rider around the corner, Postal Service, comes into the 2nd to last corner way too hot, nearly horizontal. And the mayhem begins. I’m in the blue, World’s Jersey, on the outside. I thought I had made it around safely, but not so lucky. Bill is the guy that hits Robbie in the head. We both destroyed our wheels, but were fine other than that. I think it is funny how Robbie gets up and runs out of the pile.

Rock Island Criterium Crash (2003) from Gizmo Pictures on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “Rock Island Criterium – Crash

  1. dan mitchell

    i think i got taken out on the next lap. was riding with frank and darren pipp at the time. with robbie crashing, makes you wonder where Labbe was? usually, he would have laid it out to break robbie’s fall…

  2. sd

    man you missed a massive pileup yesterday in the 4s after you quit watching from turn 7. spread across the whole road 50m from the line. It looked like someone spilled a Picasso across the road. 12-15 guys get through and the entire rest of the field was either in it or stuck behind it.

  3. Briggs

    Hey Steve,

    Someone locally told me about your blog & said I needed to check out this crash vid. I believe that was Jensen on your wheel, was it not? I’m on his inside with the Rev-X’s going ass over tea-kettle. You look to have made it upright until I landed on you. This hurt an ass-ton & I told my family I’m glad they didn’t see this. @Dan Mitchell-this was the final lap. I’m amazed to see this video after all these years.


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