Sad day for the Sport

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Today was not a good day for the sport of cycling, as Woulter Weylandt was fatally injured in a crash today at the Giro d’Italia. It doesn’t happen very often, but it is a dangerous sport and deaths do occur. I’m surprised that more riders aren’t killed in racing accidents. I really am. But, luckily for us all, our bodies are very resilient and can take unbelievable amounts of trauma sometimes. It is always sad when such a young guy dies tragically, but if he is anything like most of the guys I know, he might not of wanted it to happen any other way. Dying doing something you love isn’t the worst way for it to happen, if that is any consolation.

2 thoughts on “Sad day for the Sport

  1. Anti f

    First: Incredible sad. RIP Weylandt.

    Second: Is it that unusual? Last Thomas Casarotto died after a crash Giro del Fruili Venezia 2.2,
    A number I have in the back of my head is that there are around 3000 riders in the pro tour, pro cont and continental level all together. That means 2/3000. That is seriously bad statistics. Now of course this is a flawed analysis, but it gives you something to think about when you are fighting for a wheel position going downhill 90km/hr into a roundabout. I wonder how the statistics for let’s say base jumping are?

  2. DavidR

    Watching the DVR of the race later that day, I was astounded at how fast those guys were bombing that descent, especially given the danger on both sides of the road. It is extremely sobering to think that a single, momentary glance or the slightest mistake can be so instantly fatal.


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