Ella Schuler – September 5, 1897 to May 7, 2011

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Tom Schuler’s grandmother, Ella died last night in Topeka. She was 113 years old and the 7th oldest verified living human on the planet. It’s only appropriate on Mother’s Day to celebrate her life and longevity. Below is a video that Michael Aisner made a couple years back.

3 thoughts on “Ella Schuler – September 5, 1897 to May 7, 2011

  1. Josh

    Thanks for posting this Steve. It’s her great capacity to love that kept her going. That is clear.

  2. Rsteve

    Respect for your elders .
    When I saw this video last time it really got me
    She seemed still so happy.
    life is a journey.Rest in peace Ella.

    Rsteve in Boulder


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