Won’t Someone Just Sue Floyd?

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Why can’t someone sue Floyd and prove he is the lying, sack of shit, that a few people say he is? There are lots of folks out there saying that Floyd is lying, mental, whatever. And he’s made a lot of pretty extreme and damaging accusations against these very people. I think it is time that someone steps up and makes Floyd pay for all the lies he’s spreading.

I was hoping that Lance would be the one. But, no, that is going to be pretty difficult because, apparently, the statue of limitations date has passed, which makes it mighty hard to file a suit. Michael Ball might have trouble too because, Floyd was wired by the Feds while conversing with Michael. Shoot.

That leaves Pat McQuiad and the UCI. They have a open threat, written, on the table. 15 days or we’ll sue. But, that was 3 months ago. Dang, seems like they are a bit tardy and their filings are too. They probably just haven’t gotten around to it yet. They’ve been super busy with this race radio thing and most likely don’t have any time to tell their attorneys to file a legal action to protect their word and respectability. Maybe when their desks clear a little, they’ll do it.

People love to hate guys like Floyd. Greg too. It really doesn’t matter if what either of them was saying is true. They come across as bitter. But, I think they have reasons to be “bitter”. A lot more than bitter. I hope there are more Floyds out there with more “lies” to spread. And that they have the guts to put it all out in the open. That is the only way that this whole thing is going to end. Or at least become way less prevalent. It has to end abruptly. Not this, “let’s throw a cup of water on the bonfire” way. It’s not working.

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  1. SenorBlanco

    My problem with Floyd is he pleaded innocent, took money from normal people who believed him and then when his career was over and he became irrelevant he decided at that point he needed to come clean.

    Is what he is spewing now based on some truths? Perhaps, but as someone who stood cheering on the day he did “the ride”, I’m done with Floyd regardless of how much “truth” his latest statements are based on.

  2. Ted Lewandowski

    Personally I think Floyd is telling the truth and Lance is left the one holding the bag on this one.

    I see federal time for Lance on the horizon – can’t wait to see that – the biggest con artist of the sport.

  3. dirty_jueesus!


    Floyd was advised to go the denial route full-stop because it was viewed as protecting the sport. The quid-pro-quo was deny the doping and you can return to the Pro peloton. Except that didn’t happen.

    What he is saying now corroborates well with other observations. This was not true in his denial phase.

    Ideally Steve, the Tailwind principals (who happens to run/own USAC) end up convicted felons. Do USAC bylaws allow felons to run the federation?

    At the UCI level, I don’t think even letting a LeMond-like figure run the UCI would help. Even if they relinquished most doping enforcement to WADA. Retroactive testing samples is one way anti-doping could substantially improve. They’ve got 8 year’s worth at any given time, so there’s no shortage of material to test.

    Great content as always. Thanks!

  4. tilford97 Post author

    Floyd did a lot of dishonorable things, but let’s not try to minimize the importance of his honorable attempt to set the record straight. Maybe it was all for the whistle blower fee? I don’t know. But, his life is not going to ever be the same. His name went from a name known by relatively few to known by everyone. And not is a good light. Who wants to have the label of the guy who narc’d on Lance? No one.

  5. Ted Lewandowski

    Don’t agree with you on that one Steve – personally I will be very happy when Lance goes off to prison in shackles – arrogant piece of sh*t that he is.

  6. InTheKnow

    The only ones going to jail are the ones who had control of the money (Stapleton and Bruyneel) and the ones who lie (it won’t be LA because he knows he’ll go to jail).

    The fallout from the revelations in the indictments, however, will strip LA of his endorsements and cast a dark cloud over his accomplishments. The real suffering will take place in the cancer community, where LA is revered much like Jesus Christ.

  7. Ted Lewandowski

    I agree Bruyneel and Stapleton are on the plank for selling the bikes to fund the program – which is considered defrauding a government agency (the sponsor of the team).

    There are too many people in the shadows – which will be subpoenaed for the trial which will attest that LA took ped’s – which again is defrauding a sponsor (to gain false results).

  8. dirty_juheesus!


    I’d argue that selling bikes as funding for dope would be small-time stuff. I agree with all the rest though. I want the felonies to include a perp walk.

    Judging by how silent the investigation has gone in the U.S. only to heat up in Italy suggests the scale is larger than the UCI and Tailwind.

  9. Larry T.

    Nobody will SUE Floyd, they’ll just make threats. If they sue, don’t THEY have to make statements under OATH? Statements that, if later proved to be lies, might get them sent to prison for perjury? These guys are too smart to fall into this trap but they might have already made enough false statements to be in trouble. All they nabbed Barry Bonds for was obstruction of justice and one wonders how any prosecution of BigTex, a guy (unlike Bonds) a large portion of the general population adores, will go?

  10. old guy

    Cheating / doping is never going to just “stop” or “go away” – as long as there’s money and glory on the finish line, guys are going to take extra steps.

    I see it the same as law enforcement – an ongoing cost to keep things under control; we’ll never be rid of crooks so we’ll always need cops.

  11. bob

    no one has sued floyd in America yet and one reason is his whistleblower status. I am not thrilled with all of his behavior, i think initially he wanted to get back in and continue playing the game. When people basically told him to take a hike and he realized his career as he knew it was over, then he came out with the truth. The whistleblower status protects himself from certain actions, but he should get credit for the crap he his subjecting himself to in pulling back the curtain on the sport. It will help all sports in the long run. I used to be a runner and have seen how most distance runners now have conditions that allow them to get TUE’s for drugs that help endurance and sprinters are sick with afflictions that can only be helped with “uppers”. Okkkk. Notice even Michael Phelps “overcame” his ADD, oh yeah you get nice TUE’s with that. I wish just ONE reporter had the guts after the Olympics to ask him what meds he took to control his ADD. Is his ADD life threatening? If he doesn’t get meds will he forget to come up for air?
    When i was an elite runner almost no one was”sickly” Now only the best are .
    We should eliminate TUE’s period.
    then retroactive testing of all samples with monetary fines so some young rider who is good will think, “I might win this on my own, if i take drugs i will get caught and lose money, my ride and the trophy. I think i will take my chances clean”


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