Riding vs. Training

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I normally train pretty hard I think. I don’t use a power meter or do interval/sprints or a structured workout, but I generally ride pretty hard. I’m in the wind a lot and don’t just ride around. But, I’m going to be just riding for a while now. Until I feel different. I’m not sick or hurt. Just in a funk. I feel it walking/sleeping/not sleeping, etc. So, yesterday in California I just rode around for a few hours, a couple times. I’m flying back to Kansas tomorrow. I have a ton of projects to do there. I guess I’ll get a jump on those, because I’m not racing around until I’m riding better. It’s too frustrating.

Historic house in Redlands climbing up to the Sunset Loop.

Looking down toward Redlands from up on Sunset. It is amazing how rural it is in places.

Views down on the coast in Laguna.

Laguna near sunset.

4 thoughts on “Riding vs. Training

  1. Jonathan Kersha

    It’s nice to see a racer with so much class not using a power meter. It gets old listening to conversations about watts.

  2. kris operson

    Steve, I may not be at your level or have the hard years in my legs, but i have been around, and felt the same at certain points of my cycling life. I made a change a few yrs back..it was the best thing i ever did for my cycling. keep on keepin on

  3. Ted Lewandowski

    The best way to know you are overtraining or taxing your body is what was taught to me when I was racing overseas before heart monitors or power meters.

    When you wake up – after about a minute or so – take your pulse for 15 seconds while still laying in bed (multiply by 4 to get a minute reading).

    Then slowly get up and take pulse again for 15 sec (again multiply by 4 to get a minute reading).

    Then note the difference between the two readings. When you are feeling good and strong on the bike this should be your base – any jump from the base shows that your body is still in recovery mode and to take it easy and spin.

    For example – if the difference between the two readings is always 10 beats (your base) and then all of a sudden it jumps to 20 – you know your body is trying to recover.

    Go out for a leisurely ride and spin in a 42X18

    Most riders are incapable of realizing this so this is the common way most overtrain.

    Also – it is always better to spin then to take a day off.


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