Sunday in Redlands

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Yesterday was abit trying. Like I’ve stated before, I’m not too big on watching races that I want to be riding. Or was riding. Whatever the case my be. I didn’t watch that much of the 4+ hour Sunset Loop Road Race. I watched the finish of the women’s race and the first couple 10 km laps of the men’s race. Then I went out and rode for a couple hours and came back to see the finish of the race.

I was impressed how many midwest guys made the final group into the circuits. Joseph Schmalz for one. He is having a great season so far. James Stemper, Kenda, and Christian Hemig rode the last 4 laps of the criterium finish and got caught less than 500 meters before the finish. James is from Wisconsin and Christian was the guy that dropped me to finish 2nd at the end of Lago Vista a month ago. Not to mention Cole winning. Kind of shows that the local guys from the midwest are really good bike riders.

I’m hanging around California for a few more days. Flying back to Kansas on Wednesday. I hope to hit the reset button and get back on track. Hopefully I can figure out where that button is.

Andrzej Bek and me waiting for the finish of the women's race. We go way back. Andrzej works for HTC now. He came to the US to race 30 something years ago for Michael Fatka. He is from Poland and was an incredible cyclist.

There was a hand cycle event here. Lots of super hi end bikes.

This one was just 26 lbs. Super light.

I love the houses up on the ridge in Redlands.

Most these old ones are made completely of redwood.

Catherine trying to stay warm while waiting for some Mexican food. It was pretty chilly all day yesterday. Go figure.