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North County is probably the easiest place in the world for me to get in quality training. The miles come so easy. There is so much to look at that the time passes quickly. And the choices of terrain is pretty great. I still am feeling just mediocre, but that may just be from travel.

Yesterday was pretty depressing with KU being put out of the NCAA’s. They were playing fairly poorly and VCU was crazy hot from 3-pt. early. It is college basketball, which is pretty exciting. We just rode up the coast for 3 hours afterward. It is pretty nice out here, in the 70’s. It snowed back in Topeka yesterday. It’s good I’m not there.

Today I’m going to go up to Rancho Santa Fe and then climb some. The bakery in Rancho is closed on Mondays. That’s no good.

Looks like Joseph (Schmalz) had a good race in San Dimas last weekend. Top 15 in that race is nothing to sneeze at. And best young rider. Pretty great. He never updates his website, but he’s going to be working that hopefully. And Amanda Miller finishing 2nd Overall. Her team, HTC, pretty much dominated the woman’s event. Good results from the Midwest contingency.

Okay. Better get out on my bike.

Seals down in the Cove in La Jolla.

This bike was parked at the Pannikin in Encinitas. You couldn't pay me enough to tour on this.

Inside of the Pannikin Coffeeshop.

Sue and Don's dog Ranger. He has been sick, but is doing better now. When we get back from riding, he goes and grabs his blanket and runs around with it.

A necessity for some serious wine consumption, which occurs here often.

One thought on “Just Riding

  1. Mr. Frack

    Glad the dog is getting better, looks like he lost a bunch of weight. Hate to see that cause it is real hard on the kidneys.
    Watched the KU game, man they sucked and broke my heart. Got to give to the VCU kids though, they nailed the 3 point landers. I love the college hoops, 18-21 year olds jacked up on raging hormones playing before millions, yea baby.
    Since KU got killed, gots to go with UK, go Cats.


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