Kind of wished I would have Drove

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I kind of hate flying nowadays. I really love it, but also hate it at the same time. Southwest is the easiest airline to fly. You can get to the airport way less than an hour before, in KC and still normally have 30 minutes to spare. It’s not quite like the good old days, but it’s not stupid like LA or Chicago. I miss Bromont all ready.

I had to pay for my bike, which $50 seems like a deal now. Somehow I have no toiletries. I had a couple FSA cards in my bags, but can’t imagine them stealing them. I called Kris at home and he say there is nothing there, so it must of been taken by security. Not sure what they would of gotten in that bag.

It’s always busy here. I barely got on the ground yesterday afternoon and it had already started. Sue had gotten tickets to the Banff Adventure Festival Films in Encinitas. I put my bike together in a hurry and rode the hour up the coast and met her. The films were great, as always. If you have never had a chance to see the traveling Banff show, they you should make a point of trying to get to it. My favorite film was of this speed climber, Ueli Steck. He free climbed the Eiger in 2 hour 47 minutes. After watching the film, I don’t think he is going to have a very long life.

Okay. Nice finish by Tom Boonen today in Belgium. Should make for an interesting next two weekends. KU basketball in a couple hours. Kind of gets in the way of bike riding today, but you have to have priorities, right?

Alex and Uli speed climbing The Nose on 5.20.10 from Chris Falkenstein on Vimeo.

Here’s a little Sunday morning entertainment – Alex Honnold and Ueli Steck speed climbing The Nose of El Capitan.

6 thoughts on “Kind of wished I would have Drove

  1. Rod Lake

    However, flying does increase the chances that you’ll be sitting next to a hot, but somewhat drunk and disoriented ditzy blond who has a crazy story to tell–sometimes roundtrip.

  2. Greg Seamon

    I have watched this film (Am Limit) about 4 times this year. Just tried to watch it again on Netflix, but they don’t show it on live streaming anymore. So I had to order the DVD instead. Cant wait to watch it again.


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