That was too quick… fun.

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USAC gives in. Here is what the official USAC release said-

Bill Peterson, president of the USA Cycling board of directors and USPRO board member. “The absence of UCI registered teams and riders would have a highly detrimental impact, not only on the team sponsors, but also on the hard working NRC promoters and the sponsors and communities who support these races.”

“While we remain convinced of the value of race radios with regard to their potential for increased safety for riders and spectators,” said Steve Johnson, USA Cycling CEO, “we will respect the UCI’s request to continue the ban of race radios in national calendar races and national championships.”

So, I guess that USAC was just “telling” the UCI that they need to listen to the Pro Teams a little more. I couldn’t figure how this was going to last too long. The UCI has too much power over USA Cycling. It was just a volley over the bow.

I don't think so.

4 thoughts on “That was too quick… fun.

  1. Biff Stephens

    Funny how they complain of USA cycling of being controlled by a few teams and then the UCI comes in and controls…..blah

    it is all about control….even racing and is about control..

  2. Druber

    so no one has had the brilliant thought of allowing radios all on one band that is monitored by race officials allowing only safety information rather than strategic during the races? Seems like an option that is too simple to be implemented.

  3. poyntell

    I loved the mgm picture (and its trailer). Of course, they left themselves the out—CEO makes call, tests the public reaction, and the Chairman of the Board gets to side with the winner of public opinion. A perfect plan–no lose position(s).

  4. Neil Kopitsky

    That would not be the closing shot from “Mutiny on the Bounty”, would it?



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