Guess I was Right?

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At least Pat McQuiad thinks so, for what that’s worth. Here is an article at Velonews where Pat McQuiad, president of the UCI, accuses USA Cycling of being “hijacked” by the big teams. That was the only thing that made sense. I couldn’t understand why USA Cycling would make a ruling that they knew would have big repercussions. The only problem is that the UCI, now, controls the ability of the federations, thus riders, to compete in UCI events such as the World Championships and Olympic Games. The article lists some sanctions that the UCI might take against USA Cycling. This is gonna be interesting.

6 thoughts on “Guess I was Right?

  1. Patrick

    Lest we forget the close connections (to frame it pleasantly) between Jim Ochowicz (now of Team BMC) and USACycling.

  2. Hudson Luce

    “The decision was made because we believe race radios bring a unique level of strategy that is good for cycling, provide for innovation opportunities with our broadcast partners, and gives everyone in the peloton an additional safety measure,”

    Look at the reason in the middle: … provide for innovation opportunities with our broadcast partners …

    and if someone wanted to spoil things, all they need is a frequency scanner to find where the radios are tuned, then play a constant stream of “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” at high volume…

  3. tilford97 Post author

    I have no problem with Och and the other Pro teams doing this protest/league of their own thing. I think I have a problem with USAC signing off on the “idea” before they present it to the board and all of the members.

  4. thurlow

    USAC would not get into an insurrection on the ground floor that’s way to compliacted for them.With nothing to gain in a new league.
    The radio deal in my opinion is a cover your ass move related to insurance issues.The teams claim a safety issue, USAC protects itself with a statement then caves to the higher power the UCI.


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