It Never Goes as Planned – March 1st Rabbit, Rabbit.

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Austin hasn’t worked out like I had hoped. Actually, ever since I returned from Europe, it hasn’t gone as I’d envisioned. But, life usually doesn’t. That makes it interesting to some degree.

Right now, if I stay in this steady state of health/non-health I’m in, I won’t race this weekend. I didn’t spend hardly any time at the bike show either. So, the two reasons that I’m here are down the drain. This is about as close to depressed as I get I think.

When I returned from Belgium, I thought I’d stay race fit through the first of March, then go skiing for a little while and lift some weights. Then start racing seriously again at the first of April. But, that obviously didn’t go as planned. I still need to do something to equalize my muscles some. Skiing is great for that. I might need more than 4 weeks of weights.

Maybe I’ll get miraculously better by Friday and all this worry is for naught. Who knows.

Today didn’t help me much though. I spent close to 4 hours on my bike. MTB at that. The wind was whipping today. Bill and I rode downtown to meet up with Kent Eriksen, Katie and Co. We rode the Greenbelt for a little over 2 1/2 hours and then rode the 45 minutes back South. The MTB pace was pretty casual, so I wasn’t too hurt. I’m pretty sun burnt though.

We went to dinner at a BBQ place called the Salt Lick. We have the best BBQ in the world in Kansas City, but this place was tasty. I ate more red meat last night than I’ve eaten total in 2011. I swear. Once in a while it is alright.

I have to get to assembling some road bikes and gluing road tires on my race wheels. Just in case the miracle happens. Wednesday, I’m planning on meeting up with Robbie for 4 hours. Other, than that, I should probably just take it easy. I’m not too good at that.

Riding group today.

It isn't that we're worried about getting our feet wet, it is the rocks in the stream are super slick with algae.

The Salt Lick.

A crazy amount of meat.

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