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I think nearly every street in the City of Topeka needs to be fixed. I have no idea where that money is going to come from. There are potholes the size of small refrigerators on main streets. The city has been trying to cold patch the potholes throughout the winter, without much success. The state of Kansas was ranked #1 in roads last year. (And #1 in College basketball, but that was so yesterday.) I have no idea what some of the East coast states are like if we have the best roads in the country.

This isn't even a big one.

3 thoughts on “Potholes

  1. Scott Anderson

    Areas where the temperature of the road crosses the freezing point over and over suffer the most damage from moisture as the water expands and contracts. Places which stay below freezing and don’t “cycle” suffer relatively little damage and asphalt is more porous than concrete so it generally deteriorates faster. Edges of concrete pavement often deteriorate due to softening of the subgrade which breaks the edges of the pavement. Just a short primer in geotechnics of pavement. It seems no matter what advances are made in the design of pavement we are always stuck with potholes. Whatever transportation funding is available it is never enough to both repair and upgrade our infrastructure, that is why as a nation we get D, see http://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/

  2. Jim

    We go through this in Ohio every year and it is awful. The edges of the roads are all destroyed so we have to weave around them causing all kinds of problems. Just like every other state, we are broke but not so broke that every state patrol car can’t have about $20K in electronics in it.
    End of venting!

  3. Todd M

    The roads in LA suck as well. Not only is all the traffic hazardous but the potholes, buckled pavement caused by buses and overall neglect of the streets which the city cannot afford to repair make naviagting them a risky endeavor. People still do it though.


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