Men’s Race Photos from Cyclo-X Worlds

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I said yesterday I would be mildly surprised if a Belgian didn’t win today. I’m not now. Stybar made that look easy. It was a super unlucky day for the American men. Jonathan Page riding in the front group, having the race of the year and has a super bad mechanical. Tim Johnson hurt and carted away. Page finishing 12th and Powers 16th is pretty good historically, but I know neither of them are happy with those finishes.

Here are some more photos that Trudi took today at the race.

Nys early.

Enormous crowds.

Pretty steep descent.

Stybar close up.

Stybar on his way to back to back World Championship titles.

2 thoughts on “Men’s Race Photos from Cyclo-X Worlds

  1. Jeff

    The pic, ‘Pretty steep descent’ – it looked like there was a mound at the bottom that sent the riders into the air and then a hard left – good stuff.


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