World Cyclo-X Championships St. Wendel, Germany Live Tomorrow Morning – Links

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The World Championships are in St. Wendel tomorrow morning. There are lots of choices for viewing the races live. The only problem is that it is really early. Like 4 am (CST) early for the women’s race, which KFC (Katie Fuckin’ Compton) should finally win. The men’s race doesn’t start until 7 am midwest time. Great. From watching the races this morning, the women’s race is probably going to be pretty slick and then it might get a bit muddier for the men’s race later in the afternoon.

Trudi just finished the BMC camp in Valencia and is driving a team car back up to Belgium before heading off to Qatar. She decided to take a small deviation out of the way and go watch the race live. I think she is driving until 2 am this morning to make it up to Germany tonight. I maybe should have just stayed the extra week in Europe, but all I wanted to do was leave, so that is what I did. Maybe that wasn’t the best decision, but you know how that goes.

So, here are the links in case I don’t get up for the early races. You can watch it on Belgium TV at this website. Or has links to watch it too. I don’t think there is commentary in English. You’ll probably have to listen to Dutch or Flemish, but that is cool.

It should be a good race. It would be great to see Tim Johnson and/or Jeromy Powers (here’s a link to an good interview with him before the race) anywhere in the top 15. I’m hoping Nys wins, but thinking Albert. I’d be mildly shocked if it wasn’t a Belgian standing on the top of the podium when all is said and done. But, it is a race.

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  1. nathan leigh

    I’m hoping that Universal Sports has the men’s race live, and then watch their replay of the women’s race. For cross, they typically have no announcers and just ambient noise, which is cool. Just hear fans, cowbells, bikes shifting, etc. Since you like Olympic winter sports, you should check out their site. Crazy thing is the brodcast channel is over-the-air, so you probably just need rabbit ears to get it.


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