Weather Reprieve/Kansas’ Birthday

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Kansas got a reprieve of the winter weather the last couple days. It was over 50 yesterday and is supposed to be nearly 45 today. Then back into the 20’s and less. It’s supposed to snow 8 inches again on Tuesday. We going out for a long ride today at our house at noon. I assume I’m going to be on the front most, if not all the day. That’s okay.

Anyone watch the junior or U23 Cyclo-X Worlds this morning? The last lap of the U23 race was pretty great. This early morning curse from jet lag finally paid off this morning. Tomorrow the racing starts at the wee hours tomorrow morning. I’ll post links later.

Today is Kansas Day. It’s an important one. Kansas has been a state 150 years today. It is weird to think that I’ve been alive nearly 1/3 the time that the State of Kansas has been a state. It is kind of disconcerting.

On top of all that, KU plays K-State tonight at KU in basketball. It’s only fitting that the big instate rivalry in NCAA basketball takes place tonight on Kansas’ birthday.