Back in Kansas, USA

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I hate (not really) to say it, the the flight went seamlessly yesterday. Go figure. No luggage charge at the Brussels airport. Exit row seating with no one beside me. The flight got to Chicago early.

Early enough I could have got on an earlier flight to Kansas City. But, after waiting for 20 minutes for 3 United counter people to finally talk to me, I was told it was United’s policy not to let someone fly early without their luggage. I was then told that I could go down to the customer service counter and have a supervisor waive that policy. I didn’t have anything else to do for 3 hours and was interested in what they might come up with. I was first told that they needed two hours to transfer the bags. I said that they had that. Then they said that they might put the bags on the earlier flight anyway. It was their choice. I really don’t understand why they can choose to separate me from my luggage and I can’t separate myself. Anyway, in the end, I found out that they were going to use the “security” card, but that it wasn’t a law, it was a policy that had abunch of wiggly room. It is just stupid.

Upon arriving the in Kansas City airport, they lost my bike on the runway, so I had to wait around an extra 30 minutes for them to find it. I am going to try to avoid United Airlines at all costs from now on.

All the pets were super happy when I got home. Bromont whined for 10 minutes and wouldn’t stop licking me. It was nice.

The is a lot of snow on the ground here. At least by Topeka standards. It isn’t all that cold though. Around 30 for a high today.

I’m going to try to figure out what I need to do the next few days. I’d like to ski some before all the snow is gone, but don’t really feel like driving 10 hours anytime soon. I think I’m going to try to go down to Texas in a couple weeks and race the 2nd half of February down there and try to get all my little muscle imbalances figured out. I think I have okay form, but it is so easy to forget anything about your riding form when you’ve been traveling continent to continent.

Here's a photo that Trudi sent me this morning from the BMC camp in Valencia Spain. Everyone getting ready to ride in the moring.

I flew back with Don Myrah. He convince me I should come to Northern California this spring and race Sea Otter, plus a bunch of other classic MTB races I haven't done. Somehow Don stuffed 4 wheels into a 2 wheel bag. I'd like to hear how they survived the trip.

I put my medal in my medal bowl on my shelve. I didn't have a bronze medal from World's, so now I have all three at least.

Shoveled snow in the front yard.

My observations from this last trip is that the employees at United have no desire to work. I'm not sure why it was so wide spread on such a consistent basis? I stood here for 20 minutes, just to be told to go to customer service.

10 thoughts on “Back in Kansas, USA

  1. Ben U

    Welcome to the world of the Union Worker! Coming down to Fayetteville in March for Hell’s Kitchen? If so, let me know, I just opened up a new bike store. Would love for your crew to use it as a training base…

  2. Billf

    Good nordic sking in north sioux city at adams nature center flat but 20k of groomed skate and classic

  3. CK

    That type of service is what happens with capitalism. No desire to be there except to get by doing the bare minimum and earn a measly pay check.

  4. Ted Lewandowski

    Here is the link to UA post-travel feedback – be sure to tell them you have a blog and posted some photos about your travel experiences – I am sure that would be good for a complimentary ticket – I NEVER fly domestic airlines to Europe.

    1. Lufthansa
    1. KLM (tied for 1st)
    2. British Airways
    3. Virgin

  5. Jim

    Why do you think it is a union issue? It might be poor management. Or it could be the lazy American mentality. There are lots of reasons people don’t do a good job and not all of them are union related. I notice one very definite thing looking at that picture and it is not a union thing at all.
    Just another viewpoint.

  6. Todd

    The thing that baffles me is that United Airlines is a USA Cycling Partner. There certainly doesn’t seem to be any benefit to USAC members. United wanted to charge me $150 extra – each way – to take my bike. Instead I booked with Southwest.

  7. dirty_juheesus!


    United Airlines forked some marketing dollars over to USAC?/USACDF? for that title of USAC partner.

    The title gets some extra people to fly once based on that title of USAC partner. The customer discovers it’s no special deal to them and moves on. If local promoters dealt with sponsors this way there *really* wouldn’t be any racing at all.

  8. Scott Anderson

    Hope you can make it to NorCal for Sea Otter. I will be going over to watch if nothing else. I will be headed to Kansas for the Tour of Lawrence in July, but this time I am shipping my own bike.


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