One Lap Down

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Only 4 hours at the Brussels Airport today. Still no bag which means still no bike.

But, I do have a bicycle to ride now. I picked up Trudi and Jurgen (BMC mechanic and Service Course manager), who both flew in from the BMC training camp in Valencia, Spain.

Long story short, I have a BMC ‘ cross bike that sort of fits. 11-speed Campy.

It was an hour and a half back to Mol through Antwerp. We stopped and had dinner (the first meal I’ve eaten since landing) and got back to the cabin a little after 10.

So, I adjusted the seat, messed with the brakes some and went for a ride on the course. Mainly for peace of mind.

It was nice. Full moon. I got back a little after midnight. So much for getting on the right time.

I’m crossing my fingers for my bag. I don’t have the proper clothing to ride in and I really need my own bike. But, today is the highlight of the trip, by far.

One thought on “One Lap Down

  1. Ted


    You da man! It will be what it is, but a moonlight ‘cross ride in Belgium, on a bike delivered from unexpected friends, may be the memory you keep with you for all time. Good luck and be well!



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