No Luggage

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This is going to be a problem. British Airlines had the bag when I was in London, but have seemed to missplace it since. No record of the bag at all now. I have no way to assemble my bike without it. Trudi is flying in at 3 from Spain. Maybe I’ll try to go down to the BMC Service Course and get a bike. As hard as I’ve been trying not to, I’m getting pretty stressed from this whole adventure.

5 thoughts on “No Luggage

  1. Sean YD

    Join the club. Two trips to Europe the past two months and both times my bag was lost. The first time it was lost for three days; one day the second time.

    Hopefully, it will show up today, Steve. If not, at least you’ll see Trudi. 🙂

  2. Joe Weis

    Hey, been reading your blog since DeStad. Love it dude. Just think, with all this screw up you ain’t got no pressure on you. Try to chill and enjoy yourself. I am back in Kansas, on the trainer, living vicariously thru you! Even with all the troubles I would rather be where you are right now! Enjoy and keep the updates coming. Tell Mark and Theresa Hi and good luck for me. Go USA!

  3. Ted Lewandowski

    Steve, I would call Eddy Merckx – I am sure he can help you with a bike or parts for the time being. His factory is located in Zellik Belgium – local phone # (0)2 269 62 72
    if using a US based cell phone then dial 011-32-2 269 62 72 (the 0 is not used then).
    Claudine is his wife if she picks up – they are good friends with Andy Hampsten.


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