New Year’s Day Cross Race

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If you have an extra 10 minutes tonight, you might want to watch the last lap of the GVA Trophy Cyclocross – AKA GP Sven Nys. Here is the link. The outcome might have been predetermined, I don’t know, but it is good cyclocross racing nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Cross Race

  1. Ritchey_Breakaway

    After reading Joe Parkin’s “Dog in a Hat”, I’ve wondered about pre-determined outcomes of races. Maybe for local or celebrity events, but for a series like the GVA, I doubt it. But when the namesake wins it 10 out of 12 times, it makes you wonder.

    I was very surprised to hear about a racer offering his breakaway companions some cash for not contesting a sprint at a district championship. Just curious, how many times has someone offered you some $$ to throw a race?


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