Don Myrah Wins Handily

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Don Myrah just won the feature race of the day, the Master’s 45-49. The start was nuts. The masses. A huge pile up when they hit the mud slowed down the back 1/3 of the field.

Jonny Bold was leading the first lap and a half until Don got through the guys in front of him. After he got into the lead, he wad pedalling smooth. Jonny fell soon after and lost a ton of time. He had to make a bike change and never really got his composure back.

Mark Noble passed him for 2nd and Alan Coats finished 4th.

It was a pretty good bike race.

I have to congratulate Devon Haskell for winning her 30+ race. A close finish, 10 seconds. Good job!

I’m racing at 8:30 tomorrow morning. I hate it. Should be pretty cold. It’s suppose to snow tonight which will make it interesting.

I was freezing spectating. Remember, it’s not the temperature, it’s the wind.

Jonny Bold leads off the pavement.

Then the masses.

Don leads Jonny early in the 2nd lap.

Don Myrah taking two steps at at time running away with Cross Nationals.

One thought on “Don Myrah Wins Handily

  1. Jonny Bold


    You got it exactly right. Don was not gonna be beat by anyone in our field that day. He was crushing it and still fully within himself…..class of the field.

    My crash was pretty heavy, I twisted the bars badly and after trying to straighten them, which was a fail, I had to ride to the pit with badly misaligned bars. That’s Cross, you gotta love it. After that I had carbon rims, and the braking was non existent. Should have gone back in the pit to get my #1 bike back, but didn’t. Doesn’t matter 2nd and 3rd are both losers.

    Great ride Saturday, too bad Kev fell in turn 1. It would have been more interesting if he was closer.

    I got to meet Bromont in Bend…..mighta been the highlight of the trip!



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