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I guess it’s officially Thanksgiving Day since it’s after midnight. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is pretty hard to commercialize getting together with friends and family and eating good food. It’s a day to truly relax and just enjoy being.

Fall/winter has kind of officially gotten here. It was over 60 degrees yesterday. I rode 60 miles in the wind. Tonight it is supposed to drop down to around 12 degrees and the highs tomorrow are supposed to be around 30 I think.

I registered for Jingle Cross in Iowa City. We’re leaving early Friday to race a night time race. All three races are at the same venue. There is a pretty big hill for a cross race. It is going to be pretty cold on Friday night and then get better through the weekend. Looks like it could be pretty muddy. I’d like that. I need the practice.

We’re eating over at Keith and Catherine Walberg’s in T-11 hours. A little early for my normal Thanksgiving meal, but I kind of like change. Maybe I’ll like it better. I only had to make two pies. I love pumpkin pie. I’ll make another one tomorrow evening to take to Iowa. Perfect breakfast, lunch, snack food.

Okay. I hope everyone has a chance to spend at least an hour on their bike today. Not for the exercise, but for the freedom it allows your mind when it comes to consuming enormous amounts of Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy.

Should of just made 3 while I was at it.

Fall is in full swing here.

Sunset coming in from riding yesterday.

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