And Chuck Coyle, a “not so regular guy” Suspended…

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for purchasing EPO and IGF. You can read about it here. Or here. I can’t believe these guys. I’ve raced with Chuck on and off for the past whatever years. I’ve raced the Tour of Southland in New Zealand a few times when he was there. This year, at the Tour of Lawrence, I got into a break with Chuck and could barely stay on him as he pulled nearly a full lap. It totally demoralized me for the rest of the race. Now he’s caught up in the Joe Papp deal. He was going good, but he must be a shitty athlete in general, because if he was using that stuff correctly, he could have been winning some bigger races than he was. I guess it shows that these guys aren’t brain surgeons. I once wrote that I could identify everyone that was “super charged” at any given race. I think I have to amend that statement to something like, “I can identify every GOOD rider that is on drugs at any given race”.

And here is a link to Chuck’s explanation. This doesn’t sound plausible at all. Not at all.

11 thoughts on “And Chuck Coyle, a “not so regular guy” Suspended…

  1. MNrider

    I see Adam Bergman’s name on those results. Can you tell the difference between how he is riding now and when he was doping?

  2. Jeff

    Who says Adam Bergman isn’t doping now? Save your “he served his punishment” blabber. Cheaters, switch to golf.

  3. MNrider

    I didn’t say he wasn’t doping now. That ass cheated me and other riders out of money. I didn’t believe his phony letter to velonews as his suspension was ending. It was a ploy to get his name out there and it worked because he got another pro contract. I find it interesting that he is racing well again while “clean” and wanted Steve’s opinion on it, not yours Jeff.

  4. chris mitchell

    You say he must be a shitty athelete… Maybe he wasnt doing drugs when you raced him at Tour of Larwence this year, he could have just done it in the 07 season. Who knows though?..just sayin!

  5. tilford97 Post author

    I’m going to write a whole thing on this tonight, but…..Adam Bergman.

    Sure I can tell the difference between how he rode on EPO and now. Adam is a friend. I got an email from him today. I’m looking forward to seeing him in Iowa City tomorrow.

    Adam has always been a good/great athlete. He was before, during and after admitted EPO use. The problem with being “caught” using drugs, every result before and after the violation is going to be suspect. That is just a fact. So, you pay the price forever.

    And Chuck being a “shitty athlete.” I’m saying that because if he can only go as fast as he did when he was supposedly using EPO, then he wasn’t good to start with. But, if you believe his explanation in the Velonews article published today, then……

    One of the problems with drug usage has to be once you use the drugs, I assume it would be super difficult not to use them continuously. Just like Dewey said, he drank from the bottle and couldn’t put it down.

    I very much doubt that Chuck took EPO in 2007 and wasn’t taking it in 2010. That is the best defense that Chuck could use in my opinion. He should just say, “hey, if I was using EPO, I’d be riding a whole lot faster on a consistent basis than I was.” I would agree with that.

  6. MNrider

    So you believe Adam took drugs, then stopped but don’t believe that Chuck quit taking them? This makes you just like all the (insert doper’s name here) supporters who think their friend or favorite rider is clean.

  7. Trudat

    Nice calling it like it is. You’ve been around the block a few times.

    However, the logic with CC not being able to quit but AB being ABLE to quit isn’t congruent with your first statement. AB tasted the nectar of riding at the front of big races in the US, and that’s a difficult cup to put down, though clearly he’s (AB) not up there now. I don’t think CC’s nectar was ever that sweet?

    The non-linear logic is ok though,Steve, as this isn’t a test, and of course we’re biased towards our friends.

    It does reflect a little poorly on you, however, and you’re a guy who I do respect. The fact that you associate with AB is an odd one, as I find his behavior, EPO not withstanding, to be abhorrent on and off the bike. For fuck’s sake he tries to get in fights to this day at bike races. I guess we can be friends with hot headed ex dopers, it is just bike racing anyway.

  8. Dan Schmatz

    I once wrote that I could identify everyone that was “super charged” at any given race. I think I have to amend that statement to something like, “I can identify every GOOD rider that is on drugs at any given race”.

    I have thought the same thing of before but chuck has never been on my list. I would like to see your list.

    I’ll never forget in spring 2003 in Gainesville when Lieswyn and Brice Jones were off the front with Domenguez and after trying to work him over for 5 laps he waxed them. After they cross the line and we rolled up on them for cool down lap John yells “what the f are you on!” Nothing but silence from everyone there.

  9. chris mitchell

    He got what he deserved im sure. I cant speak on his talent, and i get what your saying. You can only assume he was riding dirty.


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