Super Prestige Photo Finish

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Did you see this photo of the finish of the Asper-Gavere Super Prestige in Belgium? Sven Nys wins over Kevin Pauwels by centimeters. Cyclo-X is a hard enough sport to be finishing like that. Tim Johnson had a good finish in 12th.

One thought on “Super Prestige Photo Finish

  1. VC Slim

    I watched it live. Out of the final corner with Sven leading it out from the gutter. Looking at the photo the wind is blowing from right to left so Pauwels had to come around on the right and into the wind. Nys slowly angled towards the opposite side of the road and you can see how close to the far side they went. Here a pick from about 100 meters out:
    Pauwels said the strongest man won. Classy.


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