Cyclocross Tire Width/Glue

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This gluing cross tires onto carbon rims is getting kind of old. And trying to upkeep the tires after they are already on the wheels is not easy either. I don’t really have enough energy for it. This mainly concerns Dugast tires. A couple years ago at Jingle Cross, Chris Horner told me – “I haven’t bought a bike part since I was 14, and now these fuckin’ Dugast tires cost $120 each, and they’re not even very good.” I agree with him completely.

I’ve been measuring a ton of tires and no tires measure what is printed on their sides. The new improved UCI rule is a 33mm tire. I have 34 mm Dugast that measures under 33mm. I have 32 mm Dugast that measure over 33mm. I have 30mm Michelin Mud 2’s that measure over 33mm. It is stupid. Trying to keep these Dugast tires in race condition for a full season is nearly impossible. They are a one season tire at best. That seems wrong, since every other tubular cross tire lasts much longer.

I’ve never rolled a cross tire. Not even close, I think-knock on wood. (Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve rolled two Dugast tires off their rim strips.) But, I’ve seen a bunch of guys that know how to glue tires correctly, roll them. That is kind of scary. So, I’m over gluing tires now, if that is possible. But, it is possible. You know that by mildly destroying them when trying to remove them.

So, you have these “super tires” that you have to cover with $7 worth of sealant to make them waterproof and use another $10 worth of tape and glue to get them to stick right to your wheels. It makes you think it isn’t worth it. That is until you get into a race with the wrong conditions for anything other than the “super tire” and then they are priceless.

BTW-Anyone out there have any extra 32mm Dugast Rhinos they don’t need. I have a couple 34mm new ones to trade or I’ll buy them outright.

It takes an arsenal of stuff to get them to stick to your rims correctly.

UCI race legal?

3 thoughts on “Cyclocross Tire Width/Glue

  1. Ben

    Given that pile of glues and solvents, along with the rest of what Steve was saying in terms of durability and expense (not even including things like travel), has anyone pondered the ecological footprint of maintaining a fleet of equipment for bike racing?

  2. greasyknuckles

    hey steve, always enjoy the blog. I agree, Dugast do take some work to keep up for the next year. Have you ever tried the FMB’s? they cost about as much as the Dugast, but come pre-sidewall sealed. I will get two years out of set, at least a bit more for your money. Plus, you can pick from a multitude of tread compounds. Oh, the pics from 84 Natz are awesome!


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