Cross National Deadline tomorrow – the entry fees are Bullshit

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Last week USA Cycling was proposing legislation to try to help hold down the costs for juniors by restricting the equipment they could race on. Now it costs $75 for juniors to race the National Cyclocross Championships if they enter the race at the venue. That is just ridiculous. The other entries are just plain wrong too. This is our governing body that is supposedly promoting the race for us, or having it promoted for us by someone else, and it costs a minimum of $65 to race if you are over the age of 18 and not in college. And all this is for no prize money. The Tulsa Tough entry fee is less than this and there is a $100,000 prizelist. It is a racket. I’m pretty sure that the first Nationals I raced in Milwaukee on the road, the entry was free. Definitely less than $5. Back then it was about the sport. I guess it is just all about the money now.

So, if you plan on racing Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, you should enter by tomorrow, click here, or you’re going to be paying a lot more. Stupid.

18 thoughts on “Cross National Deadline tomorrow – the entry fees are Bullshit

  1. paul rytlewski

    I promoted a small cross race this fall, entry fee was 20 bucks. This included free beer, burgers, hot dogs, course marked with tape, a great facility (Saginaw Valley State University) and we were in the black!

  2. jazzy beezy

    I agree. these entry fees are just ridiculous across the board. I have seen itemized costs which showed why the costs were what they are and I appreciated that a great deal. But many organizers just charge what they think they can get away with.

  3. Tim

    Let’s do something about it. Seriously. USAC is broken- has been for a long time- and maybe it’s high time they heard it from the general membership.

  4. Tim Bates

    That is ludicris. I would never pay that much, mostly because I’m an out of shape old guy that is trying to hold on to my youth, but still. Not fair to the young people that can’t afford it. I’m a contract worker so to me this is highway robbery because half the time I’m not even working! Don’t go to these events!

  5. dirty_juheesus!

    If this is such a problem, then there are a few other federations in the U.S. that most likely do a better job. OBRA, ACA, CBR. ATRA for track riders…

    USAC hasn’t been ‘about the sport’ since Weisel took over. I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for others to recognize this. For example, in 2008, they published the following mission statement ‘The vision of USA Cycling is to make the United States of America the most successful country in the world of competitive cycling.’

    Exorbitant entry fees for ‘cross Nationals helps them meet their goal. It doesn’t help develop the sport domestically. And that is exactly according to plan! So, everyone get on board with Weisel and help him find the next Lance Armstrong!

  6. dirty_juheesus!

    Most of you need to realize the local promoter isn’t getting rich doing this event. All of the revenue above the price of an average entry fee will pass to USAC. A USAC member might ask for an accounting of the revenues?

    Basically though, this is pretty typical for Weisel and Co. They ‘get involved’ in a growing niche then drive enthusiasts and sponsors away. NORBA anyone? USCF anyone? Anyone?

  7. Dan Seaton

    You know, here in Belgium it never costs more than like €3.50 to do a ‘cross race as an amateur or masters rider, and they PAY the elites. $105 to race with the masters at US nationals is insane.

  8. Levi Baker

    It pretty much like that for any race here. Way too expensive and not always the quality to match the price tag. I know in Spain you can show up to do a race that’s better organized than most in the region here for free. Well, actually, the organizers pay your team to be there.

  9. H Luce

    What’s the cost for insurance per rider? It’s important, because riders can get hurt or even killed, and it’s the club promoting the race that gets sued. Without adequate insurance, that can become a really uncomfortable proposition. I was on the BoD of a club that got sued for wrongful death during a race (rider died on a downhill, slamming into a tree with a hay bale in front) and the only way we got off was that the coroner ruled that the rider was dead of a heart attack before he came off his bike. It was a $5 million lawsuit. That’s something which really kills one’s interest in promoting bike races, really quick…

  10. kim west

    the ridiculous fees kept us from doing masters nats tandem road race, when they were going to charge us DOUBLE–like $70 EACH– to do a damned 80 km race in the park at lousiville. then that much MORE for the tt? right. they have rekindled my love for renegade gravel races.

  11. dirty_juheesus!

    H Luce,

    Part of the benefits of getting your event sanctioned (CBR, OBRA, USAC) includes easy access to event liability insurance.

    USAC makes money by charging a higher price than the liability insurance costs. Why they do that is lost on me. It speaks volumes about the lack of transparency in the Federation.

  12. Jonny Bold

    It’s just a bloody mess. USAC has their heads so buried it’s not even funny. Road Master’s Natz was even more expensive, and still no prize money. It looks like a microcosm of US Government to me. Huge waste and very little practicality. Take a look at the salaries of the higher ups at USAC. It’s a bad, bad joke.
    The promoter for natz has to produce the course and the races for 5 days and then hand all the $ over to USAC. Gee, I wonder why only 3 groups applied for natz in 2011/12. Now we’re going to WI in January……Brilliant, just friggen brilliant!


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