Cats Everywhere

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I spent most of the day yesterday down at the building I roofed last winter messing with windows, ect. I knew there were a new batch of kittens down there, but had put off trying to catch them because I wasn’t going to be around. I might of waited too long. One of the kittens is outside and seems to be virtually a feral cat. But, the other two are now safely in my back bathroom.

There is a scrawny black one and a feisty white and gray one. Both boys. The black one was kind of sickly and hasn’t grown up much. We took them to the vet yesterday and they were a mess. Ear mites, worms, so many flea bites that they were bleeding. Man, the life of a feral kitten isn’t that great. They are both scaredy cats. Which is understandable since no humans have touched them since they were born.

And it just so happens that City of Topeka last week passed a new animal control ordinance that is essentially a catch and release program for feral cats. When a feral cat is caught, they spay or neuter it and then clip it’s ear to show that it has be “processed”. I obviously haven’t been so good on catching and releasing the mother cat. It is pretty elusive. I think I’ll try to catch the other outside kitten today and see if it can be tamed. I’m going to get bit for sure. I hate that.

Our vet, Bryan Stancliffe, DVM, happily holding the kittens.

Scaredy cats for sure.

On top of their new cat box in the bathroom.

Our cat, Naomi, laying in the sun with the neighbor's Ocelot cat.

I watched them for 10 minutes and they were fine, but when I approached, they went into there cat war positions.

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  1. Jim

    I just did the same thing with cats born behind the shop I work at. The cat I brought in adjusted so well that you would think it was born inside. The others are far too timid for me to approach. I will keep trying.


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