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Can anyone explain why Floyd’s positive test comes back in a week and Contador’s test doesn’t get released for over two months. Think it had anything to do with the fact that Floyd was racing start $$$ races at 80,000 euros each, or there about, so he missed out on a ton of cash in his pocket?

I have a ticket to fly to LA on Friday for the UCI cross races. I’ve been watching the weather there and it is finally under 100 degrees. Looks like it is only going to be in the mid 90’s on Saturday and a little cooler on Sunday. Great cyclocross weather. I am not really sure why I’m going there now.

I build up Catherine’s new Blue cyclocross bike yesterday. It is very nice. And light. It weighs in a little over 16lbs with nothing stupid light on it. It wouldn’t be too hard to get it down to close to the UCI minimum weight. It would cost a lot though.

Has anyone tried the stuff in the photo below to seal the sidewalls of their ‘cross tires? There are a couple photos of before and after I put it on the sidewall of a Challenge tire. It’s called Plasti Dip. You’re supposed dip handles of tools into it for some reason.

I emailed Shawn Farrell, Technical Director of USA Cycling, to ask about how and if they plan to enforce the UCI 33mm tire width rule in cyclocross. He emailed back that the UCI was sending a tool, which they haven’t sent yet. I’ve been measuring tires with calipers and it is all jacked up. I have 34 mm Dugast that are 90% under 33mm. I have 32mm Challenge that are still 10% over 33 at some places. I have 30mm Michelin Jets that measure over 33mm everywhere. The clincher deal is a mess. It really depends on rim width on what the final tire measurement is going to be. Man, what a dumb rule change. 35mm to 33mm cyclcross tires. Stupid.

I’m debating whether to run my brakes backwards this season in cyclocross. I do like the left hand, rear braking in icy, slick condition, but the rest of the time it just mixes me up.

Yesterday I had something over 3500 people view my website. I think that was a record. I’m not sure why that was. The Arizona Bass Fisherman contributed 10% of the total. They either don’t like police much or like to look at gruesome photos.

Did you see that astronomers found a new planet, Gliese 581g, which is very much Earth-like and might be able to suppose life. It’s in another solar system, only 120 trillion miles away. So, as we continue to screw-up our environment, we can rest a little easier, knowing that there is a place we can relocate and prosper.

I love reading the free column in the local paper. Our local paper sucks, like most newspaper do nowadays. But, the free column is great. Today you can have a free ferret with cage, free koi fish (big goldfish/carp), free walnuts (if you pick them off the ground), free hens (10) or free 2 Crabapple trees (you cut and haul away). Plus all the kittens or puppies you can imagine. People are way interesting.

Can of Plati Dip. It adheres to about anything and is not supposed to peel or crack. I'll tell you how it works.

Used Challenge 34mm tire before Plasti Dip.

And after Plastic Dip. It comes in other colors too.

Catherine's new Blue cyclocross bike. It build up good. I think it is going to be a good bike. BB height is close to 30cm.

Champion Systems send these micro jerseys along with your clothing order. To get the right perspective on the size, the number above is a standard back number from Battenkill this year. This one even has the World Stripes on the collar and arms.

I cut this advertisement for USA Cycling off somewhere. I don't remember where. I do know that they need to get their priorities straight. I doubt many of us that have USA Cycling licenses think their first mission is - to achieve sustained success in international cycling competion.

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  1. Biff Stephens

    This is what I read today…

    “The concentration found by the laboratory was estimated at 50 picograms (or 0,000 000 000 05 grams per ml) which is 400 time less than what the antidoping laboratories accredited by WADA must be able to detect,” said the UCI release…

    That is a small sample!!!

    Maybe it was the amounts of the drug found that dictated when the news came out..

    Good luck in LA!

  2. Bret Sehorn

    34mm cross tire rule is currently only for UCI sanctioned races in the US this year. At least that was how it was presented to the Pacific NW officials at our yearly meeting last month. USCF seems to being trying to align with all UCI rules as it moves forward. Starting grid and lapped rider rules as well. My view is you can’t enforce a UCI rule at a USA Cycling race if it’s not in our book.

  3. Neil Kopitsky

    I LOVES me some plastic dip! My only disappointments were that 1) the label color was yellow but the stuff was actually black and 2) make sure you use it all within a month or so. Even with the cap on, mine completely dried up within six months. But it works great!

  4. Neil Kopitsky

    Wait, I actually have only used it on tools. For some reason, I LIKE having the handles of my tools coated in plastic. No idea how it would work on cross tires . . .

  5. Jim

    That is really the purpose of USA Cycling?? I mistakenly thought it might be to run/promote/sanction, coordinate races in this country. How stupid of me.

  6. mat

    I thought the purpose of USA Cycling would at least be to answer emails, but they’ve been bouncing back to me all week.

    And I love me the decrepit, aged tubies that look almost cartoonish, contrasted to current high-tech carbon whatnot CX bikes. Think about it.

  7. fillet brazed

    Did you know most competitive bike races in Colorado and Oregon are not USAC sanctioned?

    That’s why you should know about the other sanctioning bodies in the U.S. http://www.fiac.us/

    It’s painfully obvious USA Cycling has no interest in domestic racing.


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