Contador Positive

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This isn’t good. I just read here at that Alberto Contador was positive during this years Tour de France. He supposedly claims he ingested it inadvertently. Boy, it keeps getting better and better.

Ned Overend said this to me a while back before all this silliness became public – “Man, we sure were lucky to have raced internationally before all this drug stuff began.” And I was naive enough to agree with him.

Looks like the final yellow jersey from the Tour de France is Andy Schleck's to keep now.

9 thoughts on “Contador Positive

  1. JDub

    When you read that racer X needs to take 3 weeks off the bike for, *cough-cough*, tendonitis … now you know ‘the rest of the story’! (drink lots of water too, I hear that helps)

  2. Craig

    I know dude! I still admire Ned Overend for winning that single speed title at his age this year and riding it on a STOCK el-cheapo specialized!

  3. joe

    I want a clean sport…but, will it ever stop? It sounds like the amount is so small….accident? Maybe just let people dope out of their minds and die at 35. Is it even worth the effort to try and stop? Maybe Contador passed by someone on the side of the road who just used their inhaler and yelled “Go Alberto!! in front of Contador’s face and he inhaled their breath. That’s it!! I going to France next year and use an inhaler of banned substances and breath on people just so they test positive. This will be awesome. Who’s with me? We can drink all day and night, wear nothing but pink speedo’s and paint obscene things on the road and throw nerf footballs at the passing caravan. The whole peloton will be positive except for Nicholas Roche..let’s not breathe on him…because I think he’s cool. He will win the yellow/green/polka dot and white jerseys!! He will set a record.

  4. franz

    Cenbuterol has been used when raising cattle. Which would support his assertion that it was food contamination.

  5. Rod

    I think Riis will end up being the big loser in this whole mess. He let most of his team leave thinking that Contador was his new savior. If Contador is out, he has no team for next year. How many of the sponsors are getting ready to bail out on Riis now?

  6. Gibble

    At times like this I just say, let ’em all dope if they want to. They can needle up, beat their brains against the wall and shorten their life span. Maybe then the next generation of riders might say, “Hey, perhaps this isn’t such a good idea.”

    It’s gotten to the point that I have a hard time believing any result or inspired ride because of the lingering question mark.

  7. CurbDestroyer

    At 400 times below the limit, I was on the fence, until I looked up Clenbuterol . . .
    . . . now I might be on the other side.

    I remember watching the TdF the year after all the dopers got kicked out . . . Cough Cough . . . OK the year a great deal of them got caught. One of the announcers said they were beating the times going up the climbs the year before, how do they do it. Then Phil said “Yes, how do they do it”?. with a hint of sarcasim. . . . And now in my mind I hear . . . “How do they do it”?

    I’m not sure what to think of it all. I looked up Scott Moninger to see what he was doing. Found it on wiki, and at the bottom they have to mention doping. It just seems if your directly, or tangent to doping, someone is going to report it, and you won’t escape it.


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