4 thoughts on “Chequamegon Helmet Cam Video

  1. WildCat

    Makes me hate my office with a passion.

    I’m only 28. Does life get less busy?

    What is happening to me???

  2. Gaylen Morse

    Hey Stave,

    You’ve made me realize that going from the start straight to the finish, I miss soooo much. I want to be out there in the woods cheering you guys on instead of waiting for you at the finish.

    I’ll be talking to Gary about a new plan!

    Thanks for the video!


  3. Dan Bergeson

    Thanks, Steve. Those of us bringing up the rear (4HR+) always wondered what life at the front was like. Now we know. Long live the Chequamegon!

  4. Scott Mathewson

    I really enjoyed this video. I have stopped racing for a few weeks to get some stuff in order with a new house and this took me back to what I love about cycling. Can you tell me the name of the artists and tracks fo the music you had in the background?

    All the best,


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