More $$$$

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I am trying to catch up on stuff I put off the past month. It would take me over a year for that task to be complete though. It’s easier to take on the small tasks first while simultaneously thinking about the bigger ones . I was running around town today and decided to take a mason jar of coins to the bank. I usually just empty my pockets of coins at the end of the day. Anyway, the jar had $126.94 in it. That amazed me. I thought it might be $50.

Did you have a chance to see the men’s race at CrossVegas last night. Crazy. I’m not sure I’ve ever lost a race that close to the line. Jamie Driscoll should be bummed. He deserved to win that event. Here is a link to Velonews to watch the end. There are a bunch of the rider’s post race interviews here.

Still not sure what I’m doing this weekend. Probably a cyclo-x somewhere. Not sure where yet.


Super close finish last night at CrossVegas.