Wisconsin Bound

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Saturday night I stayed up until 3 am assembling my MTB again for Chequamegon MTB Race this Saturday. Yesterday I rode that very same bicycle to Lawrence and back via gravel roads. That was over 4 hours. Today I’m packing up and driving over to Kansas City to see a super secret, invitation only, showing of Banff Mountain Festival films they showed in Lawrence over the weekend. Courtesy of TradeWind Energy. The Lawrence two nights were sold out completely. Pretty cool.

Then Bill and I, plus Bromont, are heading North. I’m not sure if we’ll make it all the way to Cable today. We might stop in Minneapolis so it’s not another 3 am night.

I have no idea where my form is. Yesterday I wasn’t too bad. And I rode 80 miles on Saturday too, so it isn’t like I am totally rested. I was looking for a race to go to this weekend, but the only one I was interested in is the Nittany Cyclo-X and I didin’t have the form or desire right now to make that trip. So, training on MTB bikes only the next week. My butt is already sore from just 4 hours. It is going to hate me by next Sunday.

I made a pumpkin pie tonight. I figured everyone was saying how nice it is to be approaching fall and how cyclocross season has already started, so those are reasons to call pie season open. Not that I really need a reason for that. I love pie.

Bromont knows something is up when I pack his 7-11 food bag. He's ready for a road trip.

Trudi is at the Candian Bike Expo in Montreal today with George Hincapie and the BMC guys.

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