Crash at Gateway Cup in Slow Motion

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I was messing around with the video editing program last night and figured out how to take the video speed down to 12% of actual speed, which is slow motion I guess. Anyway, I clipped 5 seconds of the video when I crashed with Nick (you can only see his arm and helmet for a second) and stretched it out to 41 seconds. It makes it much easier to see exactly what Rob White, the Kenda guy, was doing. I had some well chosen words for him after I got back into the race. He denied everything, almost to the extent of being aware of the crash, let alone causing it. My main problem with his answer now is why he is coasting by Nick on the right as he moves over to his left. And the reason he moves over would be a nice thing to know. It’s not like he is moving over to get into a draft. But the most telling sign is that he doesn’t even glance back or pull to the right once he realizes that he has overlapped wheels with another rider. I have never been in the situation and not look back. I doubt he can come up with an explanation for that. Whatever. Stuff happenes in bike races.

It is interesting watching my front wheel and how much it flexes after I hit the ground. Okay, it not a spectacular crash or anything. This is the 2nd time I’ve crashed wearing that camera. I crashed in Colorado riding MTB bikes. It goes so fast on video and you don’t get to see it from far away, so it doesn’t seem like such a major incident. I’m sure I’ll get some good crash “footage” during ‘cross season.

8 thoughts on “Crash at Gateway Cup in Slow Motion

  1. jayt

    I had the same interaction with him, he pulled the same thing between corner 1 and 2. Great Video it is funny what shows up on camera.

  2. cl

    I think the wheel bending is a product of the way the camera records, a digital artifact. If you watch the horizon as you go down, curves too.

  3. Hudson Luce

    Looks to me like he took you down, he’s moving so as to get into the wind, not out of it, and it looks like he’s leaning into you, and then you go down.

  4. Hudson Luce

    yeah, he leans into you and then when you start to go down, leans away. Looks pretty deliberate to me.

  5. Sam

    Ouch. Robbie looks like a Cat 4-5 racer in his second or third race. Careless or deliberate? Glad you survived without too much damage.


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