Video from the Gateway Cup

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Below is some of the helmet cam video that I shot from the Giro Della Montagne Criterium on Sunday at the Gateway Cup. It took me awhile to figure out how to put it together. And it is edited very primitively, at best. I’m hoping the process gets easier because I don’t have enough time to be doing that on a weekly basis. Anyway, it is of the first lap, a crash in the middle, and then the final lap and a half. All from my perspective, obviously. Well, maybe not obviously, but it is all from one camera, which I had on my helmet. I made a pretty sweet move at the end to slot in behind Chad Cagle and Brad Huff. Too bad I can’t sprint downhill very well.

I’m not sure what keeps happening to the audio. Youtube seems to be removing it because of copyright infringement. That isn’t nice of them.

12 thoughts on “Video from the Gateway Cup

  1. poyntell

    That was very cool. Pretty evident why you’re one of the best crit riders in the country. The move before the 2nd to the last corner and into the final corner on the last lap was text book. No wonder why you’re always a player in the last lap. Seems like that’s where most people fail. Thanks for the bird’s eye view on how to do it and the effort involved. Music was a nice touch. Looking forward to more. Too bad it’s the end of the road season. Next year….

  2. lbaker

    It’d be cool to see some video of Chequamegon, Berryman or a really icy CX race if you do either of those this year

  3. RocketVTX

    Good news, bad news Tilly. First, the video was awesome. But now we want to see video everytime! Seriously, great job. My palms were sweating watching that move on the outside.

  4. Steve Rouff

    Enjoyed the video, especially filmed on a course I’m familiar with. It’s got both thrills and spills! Loved the move up the outside, you just kept moving up and moving up and moving up….
    Makes me want to go hop on my bike again! : )

  5. Yea...

    That was really cool! Totally got me going just sitting here at my desk. I will admit I watched the wreck 5 or 6 times. I kept having short flash-backs of my various wrecks. Now I can’t stop thinking about wanting to see a video of myself wreck. Is that sadistic??


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