Man, does time fly.

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I thought that the three days that I had this week before Hotter’n Hell would be plenty to catch up with stuff. Boy, was I wrong. Not even close. It seems like I was on my feet 14 hours a day and still didn’t make a dent. The last two days I was replacing the AC in the van. I know why they charge so much now. That isn’t an easy job. It takes a ton of specialized tools and lots of contorting. The contorting wasn’t the bad part for my ribs. It is anytime I lay on something hard and flat. Seems like it is back to square one at that point. A doctor’s visit is at the top of my next week’s list.

It is only 425 miles to Wichita Falls, TX. It seems weird that 425 miles seems short, but it isn’t 6 hours. We’re not racing until 6:30 pm tonight. A criterium. Then a 100 mile road race at 7 am on Saturday and then another criterium on Sunday at noon. If I didn’t need to try to get some race fitness, I would be staying home and just riding. But, that isn’t an option at this point. There are over a 100 guys in the Pro 1/2 race, so there were be a lot of places to hide hopefully. Bill hasn’t raced since he crashed in Elk Grove nearly a month ago, so, I won’t be the most whinny guy on the trip.

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