Wisconsin Summer

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Tomorrow I’m finally leaving Wisconsin. Well, not leaving the state, but leaving Cable. I’m going to Fond Du Lac to “Race Around the Lake“. I’m been up here on and off for nearly a month now. I missed a ton of the hottest summer that Kansas has experienced in a long while. That was good. I’m not going to be back for another month. By, then it is really fall here. Big weather change. I always thought in the past that the reason to live up here is because of the great winters and ski trails. But, the reason to live here is the summer. A super hot day is barely in the 80’s. The road and MTB riding is unparalleled. No automobiles on the road and unlimited off-road riding. Today I spent 3 hours on my bike listening to the same music I ski to in the winter. Over a 22 mph average just riding. It was one of the best rides I’ve done all year. Okay. Here are some photos of the last month.

This is what happens to your race wheels when you don't race for a month during the season. Not good.

Here is Dennis' cabin. It started as a two rooms and has 5 additions now.

This is building number 2. The Simple Living Lodge. It used to be the habitant of choice until the Kansas Garage came along. There is a ton of sleeping space above the Porsches.

This is the Kansas Garage. I built it with Dennis, Bill and Trudi. It could be classified as a house, but it hasn't been yet.

Bill & I early in the Kansas garage process.

Here's a porch swing I put up yesterday on the balcony of the Kansas Garage.

A nice road on the Firehouse 50 course I rode today. I love riding so close to the water.

I wasn't even cognisant of the Great Divide until coming up here. I ride over it all the time now.

Lots of folks cycle through Dennis' throughout the year. Here's a thank you present that just showed up today - A bag of coffee nearly as large as the espresso machine.

Dennis wearing his Sunday Best for his new German guests.

I’d be remiss to leave a photo of the girls of the Rivers Eatery out. My dinner at least 3 nights a week this past month. Carley (green), Libby (red), me (white), and Beth (carrots).

This photo might sum up the Bayfield County/Chequamegon/Cable experience better than any 1000 words. This is symbolic of what a diverse atmosphere revolves around here. The Silent Sport people compared to the motorhead/hunter group. The living off the land people compared to the weekend lake vacationers. It is such a weird, eclectic place. I like places such as these. A lot.

And I'd of course I have to put another picture of Bromont at his favorite place on Earth.

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