Brugge, De Panne

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Spent most of the day North at Brugge and De Panne. It was very windy at De Panne, just like the spring. It is amazing how many people were there for the beach. Amazing. And it wasn’t even a nice beach compared to US standards. Windy. Blowing sand. Tons and tons of people. Brugge is a beautiful town, but is now a total tourist destination. Most Belgians are on vacation until August 11th, so there are alot of people everywhere on the streets.

Bicycle fountain in the main square in Brugge.

Brugge's main square.

Some of the houses along the canal in Brugge.

Very old wind turbine.

Strand along the ocean in De Panne.


Real Belgian dinner.

6 thoughts on “Brugge, De Panne

  1. Luke


    You go all the way to Belgium and you drink — or let someone else drink — Stella?

    Steve, in years of following you, this is the first time you’ve ever let me down.

  2. mark thomas

    I’ve got to echo Luke…near the coast we found Ename pretty common, both the nice Bruin and a Blonde. Leffe is not exotic, but has a very smooth brown. You’re down the street from where Brugg Tripel is made (one of the guys from our last year’s trip said it was his fave).
    I tend to go for a Tongerlo Bruin; we’ve stayed near Postel for the last 6 years, but last year was the first time we sampled…my fave blonde.


  3. MissyLynn

    Sorry, I bet that wasn’t Steve’s beer. He drinks red wine. Bur, in Belgium I’d guess he drinks Leffe Bruin or Kriek.

  4. cl

    Steve, or anybody, if you haven’t seen the film “In Brugge” you really should. It’s a very violent, but funny film, in the mold of “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells.” Stars Colin Farrell but don’t hold that against it.

    Actually a lot more tragic and emotional than “Lock.” A lot more.


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