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Sometimes life comes very easy and sometimes it seems hard. I think it is the same in cycling. I usually look at the hard times as just a blip, no matter how bad they seem.

I had to start taking antibiotics for strep again a couple days ago. Adding insult to injury, I couldn’t sleep much last night (and it doesn’t seem like tonight is going much better) because my chest hurt, so I went to the clinic this morning and I have 3 broken ribs. I didn’t really believe it when the doctor told me. I’ve broken/cracked/separated cartilage before and it hurt much worse. That is until last night. And riding today. I’m not sure what the delay was. I crashed on my chest over a week ago. I did do some strenuous stuff that probably didn’t help the issue. But, I didn’t know I had an issue then.

So, 4-6 weeks of tenderness. I’ve found you can usually half the time they say, so I’m going with 2 to 3 weeks. Sounds better I think.

So, it’s the middle of the season. The Tour starts on Saturday. I’ve ridden nearly 7,000 miles this season on my road bike and I was riding better in February. Not exactly going to plan. But, in cycling, as in life, things change pretty quickly. Adaptation is the key.

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  1. Vincent

    You got/have xrays? That didn’t seem like a rib breaking crash, It seemed much worse for your shoulder.


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