Tulsa Tough NRC Weekend

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One down, two to go. My computer is down so I have to post these on a iPhone. Super hot. Not a deep field. 3 Jelly Belly guys contolled the field last night the last 10 laps and they finished 1st and 3rd. Brad Huff won. I got caught up in the last lap leadout carnage and went from 5th to 25th in a blink of an eye with 1/2 a lap to go. Finished 19th. Not good. Racing tonight at 8:30pm. Hopefully it goes better.

Catherine’s tire after the morning ride.

One thought on “Tulsa Tough NRC Weekend

  1. franz

    I got my first flat of the year yesterday. I ran over a roofing nail. It went through the tire and tube and rim strip and came out the side of the rim. It was a bontrager race lite rim. augh. Wish I had my camera with me.


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