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Prediction – Lance doesn’t ride his bicycle in France in July this year. (I hope I am wrong here.)

Presents from Europe.

Gavia KOM in the Giro.

Andy's poster in the restaurant up on the Gavia Pass.

New robotic vacuum cleaner I'm playing around with.

Topeka on the Kiplinger list of 10 best cities for the next decade. I'm not sure about this one.

Coffeeshop in Burlington Iowa before Snake Alley.

The Devil branched out abit this year at Snake Alley.

Caught in action picking up a prime at Muscatine. I rolled by the Ukranian guy for it. Probably should of just let him have it.

Before Snake Alley.

Dewey rockin' after the Master's race in Burlington.

A dog's life.

8 thoughts on “Prediction – Photos

  1. Jeff Cozad

    Steve – Please ask Trudi where she got the coffee cups and who makes them. I have to have a set. I have enough European contacts that I should be able to get them from a distance.

    re: Big Tex – Yeah… I’m thinking the same thing. But you know that given our talk in RI.

  2. Tomek

    I was predicting Lance will have a DNF in July – but as you do, I hope I’m wrong.
    Keep us posted – thanks!


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