3 thoughts on “Another Floyd Perspective

  1. Brian

    What I didn’t like about this article was that he is comparing apples and oranges. Traveling in basketball is more like holding on to the team car. It won’t get you ejected from the race, just fined. Now doping, on the other hand, will get you kicked out of the race and prohibited from competing. This is pretty universal in sport, the only difference is doping in football or baseball is punishable by a few games, in cycling it’s 2 years.

  2. tilford97 Post author

    Brian-I agree with what you’re saying, but I’m not sure that Adam was dismissing the doping as something like a foul in basketball. He is saying that to try to understand Floyd’s thoughts, you have to look at it from Floyd’s perspective. And that perspective is everyone that he races with does it, so he isn’t really “cheating” because that is how it works. I’ve seen lots of “professional” riders use this as justification. But what they aren’t taking into consideration, that even though they might only be racing against other guys that take drugs, they are cheating everyone that aspires to compete in sport of cycling. And also the fans that recognize the amount of effort it takes to compete as such a hight level. Super human efforts aren’t super human when drugs are involved.

  3. Carlos Flanders

    Myerson has some interesting thoughts, but has a terrible tendency to overwrite. Unreadable.


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