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TT is done. It was hot. Upper 80’s. Windy. Tailwind most the way. That didn’t help me. I thought I warmed up good. Rode an hour this morning and twice up the climb before the start. But, no. I never really got going very fast and then fell apart anyway. Michael Creed (Team Type 1) took the 30 seconds he started behind me out after about a mile and a half. I tried to match his pace, but completely lost it somewhere the last 500 meters. He took at least 20 more seconds out of me then. I rode around 9:23 I think. Slower than last year. I couldn’t of done it much worse. Whatever. ( I think I still would of won the women’s race, as if that something to brag about. )

Word (Twitter) has it that Andrew Talansky,(California Giant Strawberries), won the stage. That would be pretty impressive. I don’t want to start a bad rumor here, but when we left the TT, after the women’s finish, Andrew and Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell) hadn’t been located by USADA for dope control. Since there was no cell service in Devil’s Den State Park, I have no idea how they would be contacted. At that point, there is virtually no way that they were going to be able to report within the hour time limit. Hopefully that works out well for both of them.

I guess by Andrew’s comment below, it was all fine. It seems that he was at the top of the course and they were looking for him still at the bottom.

More later.

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2 thoughts on “Short Joe Martin Report

  1. Andrew Talansky

    Hey Steve, thanks for your concerns. While you were leaving I was already with USADA , getting tested, well within the hour time limit. Please get your facts straight before you start “bad rumors”.


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