In Fayetteville Arkansas

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Got to town not that late, but now it seems to be late. Not sure why that always happens. The TT is tomorrow at 2pm. So, sleep, eat breakfast, ride, shower, drive, get numbers, pre-ride the course, then race. Seems like a lot of energy for a 2.5 mile race. I wish they had the TT on the last day. That would make the other days more interesting. It’s always interesting to me, but it would be more interesting for the general fan. Okay. Guess I should think about going to bed. Big day tomorrow.

Stay tuned for result and maybe some video.

3 thoughts on “In Fayetteville Arkansas

  1. dew

    Ah man isn’t that the truth. I’ve been saying that for years, if you’ve got to have a tt make it the last day. That would make for some agressive racing.

  2. Sean YD

    The nice thing about having the time trial on the opening day is that we know who is going to win the race overall right off the bat.


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