No Time Trial bikes at Nature Valley

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I received the email below this evening. I think it is a great idea and hopefully precedent setting.


We’ve received requests from a number of teams over the past couple of years to restrict the time trial to mass start-legal bicycles. This simplifies the logistics and levels the playing field. We had the option to do that before, but now there’s an actual rule that addresses this issue:

1M1(h) Time trial events may restrict the competitors to mass-start bicycles in one or more classes, provided that the restriction is stated in the race announcement and technical guide. This includes time trials in stage races.

After consultation with the Chief Referees, the Nature Valley Grand Prix has decided to adopt this rule. We wanted to give you a “heads up” so that you could take this into account as you plan your season.

Looking forward to seeing you all in June!


David LaPorte
Executive Director
Nature Valley Bicycle Festival
(612) 625-4983 office
(651) 398-3235 cell

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