I can barely stand it already.

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I’ve raced only 5 times this year and I can barely stand the thought of eating another Gu, Cliffshot, PowerGel or bag of Sport Beans. And all the other stuff that you are supposed to consume while racing. I usually don’t get sick of this stuff until mid Summer. I’m not sure what the deal is now. Maybe I’ve just eaten the maximum amount that a person can stomach during a lifetime already. I kind of hope so and hope not at the same time. Whatever the reason, I’m going to start carrying some real food with me during the races.

I remember when Brian Maxwell and his wife would make Powerbars at night during the Coor’s race and bring them to the start of the stages the next morning for us personally. That was service. We were so into it because we didn’t have to carry over ripe bananas, Fig Newtons or bags of grapes anymore. I am partial to Powerbars because of my early experience with them.

I’ve never been much of a guy to drink much while riding. I’m not sure I’ve even finished one water bottle this season training. I truly mean that. I’m pretty sure I haven’t drank one bottle total in 3000 miles of riding this year. I did drink a couple bottles racing in Texas in February though. So, I don’t think I’ve hit my quota on Sports drinks yet. I’m sort of a Gatorade guy. But, that is just out of convenience. But, I really don’t care what is it in a bottle normally. I used to swear by Extran. I guess I still would. I should probably try to track some of it down here in the States.

For sure I’m going to always stick a couple gel packages in my pockets for longer races, but I’m also going to make it a point to eat some real food along the way. So, don’t be a wise-ass when you see me pull out a peanut butter sandwich in the middle of a road race and enjoy some real food.

I'd like to throw this box away with the radio box.

Cadel's signature gels. Haven't tried them yet, but I'm not partial to fruit flavors.

4 thoughts on “I can barely stand it already.

  1. velodoc

    I have a bro that does 12 and 24 MTB solo’s. he was getting tired of clif and power. He had his wife go to McD’s and get him 6 cheeseburgers and 6 reg hamburgers. Every lap when he would come around to the short pavement section before the pits he’d grab a burger from his pocket wrapped in Mcd’s wrapper and take a new one from his wife when he went through the pit. It was awesome! the other guys were like wtf???

  2. Nathan

    I’m all about real food. Peanut butter and honey fold-overs are a staple for me. Dried apricots are good too, since they don’t bruise, squish, or melt.

    My wife baked me these scones once and they were tasty mid-ride: http://bit.ly/4sjt3Z Needed water to wash them down, so I couldn’t imagine eating them during a race.

  3. Scott

    wholewheat blueberry pancakes folded over with peanut butter and honey….. –now I’m getting hungry…..

  4. trey

    I remember you at the Tour of the Gila with a pocket that looked like it was stuffed full of musket balls. I asked what the hell it was and you responded “EPO shots.” Actually it was just a wad of frozen grapes. Classic.
    Personally, I’m partial to PBJ during races. I get the weirdest looks when I pull one out in the middle of a race. Oh well.


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