Can anyone explain this to me?

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Carlos Sastre is racing in Catalunya on Monday. He hasn’t raced his bicycle since the finish of the 2009 Tour de France. Click here for the article. So, he hasn’t raced for over 8 months, is going to do this one 7 day stage race, with one day riding only 3.6 km. He says that it is the best way to check on his training to be on form for his most important race of the year, the Giro. Which doesn’t start for another 6 weeks. I don’t understand it.

This would absolutely never work for me. 7 race days in 10 months. I can’t believe that a passionate bicycle racer could hold himself back and not race for such a period. I couldn’t. I guess it is really, completely, a job for Carlos. I feel bad for him.

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