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Driving down to Fayetteville Arkansas for the Hell’s Kitchen Road Race. It’s got a pretty big hill. Something close to 2 miles long and pretty steep (20%) in places. The weather isn’t great anywhere in the Midwest. Like Paris-Nice and Tirreno it’s going to be really cold when the race starts at 10 am (9am real time). I won the race a couple years ago and Brian won it last year, so maybe it’s Bill’s turn. Or someone else’s. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow. I figure that there is almost no chance I’d be riding nearly 90 miles tomorrow unless I raced. Racing to train.

I was pretty thrilled to wake up this morning to the headlines below. Finally, Kansas, as a state, has a law against indoor smoking. Better late than never I guess. Plus, KU is playing KSU tonight in the Big 12 finals. No downside to that no matter who wins.

I like slow Saturday mornings. Sourdough pancakes are normal.

With fresh fruit.

And pure maple syrup always. I like the Grade B syrup with more molasses.