Paris Nice photo of Past

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Since I’m on the Paris-Nice theme today, here is a photo from from a good article on Paris-Nice. I’ve been a team mate of both Bernard Hinault and Phil Anderson (Panasonic rider watching). These guys must of really pissed off Hinault. He is a pretty civilized guy. I’m kind of surprised that Phil didn’t jump in on the action actually, being Australian and all.

Here is a short video clip of the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “Paris Nice photo of Past

  1. Trevor

    I was in France when this happened. Le Parisien ran this on the front page, but the second picture is even better. It show Hinault following through, and the striking miner reeling backward, arms windmilling. The Badger knocked the living shit out of the guy. You could hear the sound of the punch in your head when you saw the picture. Somewhere I have the pics I cut out of the paper.

  2. poyntell

    Was Hinault really that big? His chest looks a thousand times larger than Phil A’s.


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